Why volunteer?

At GoVolHerts we understand that finding the time to volunteer can be a challenge. However, the benefits of volunteering can be huge! We know that volunteering can make a significant difference to the lives of Hertfordshire residents, but the benefits can be even greater for you!

Volunteering can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, or enhance your career. It can also improve your health and wellbeing.

You don't have to offer a long-term commitment or vast amounts of time. Whether you’re interested in a long-term role or simply helping out as a one-off activity, GoVolHerts can help you to discover your ideal opportunity.

Whatever your reason is for volunteering, your support is sure to make an impact.

Below you will find some stories from active Hertfordshire volunteers.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteer stories

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Image of Volunteer George, 87 year old male, helping resident with multiple sclerosis

George's dedication and selflessness are a shining example

George has become an invaluable asset here at Brainkind (Formerly Sue Ryder) Stagenhoe, using his carpentry ...
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Ruth, blonde haired lady with glasses stands at the customer counter in Isabel Hospice shop

"I am part of a team again. I have purpose and am making a difference"

Meet Ruth - a volunteer at Isabel Hospice Shop in Cuffley

When Ruth Salter left her busy and social role ...
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Naomi - volunteer at HiT Theatre

There's a real feeling of togetherness and friendship

"I have been a volunteer for one of the adult groups at HIT for over 3 years now. From the very start I was ...
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Edwin, refugee from Honduras Volunteering for Sue Ryder

“I am very grateful that I can help Stagenhoe and give back to the community."

It is truly heart-warming to see the impact that volunteering can have on individuals and communities ...
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Volunteering at Waterway Experiences

"I love talking to people on the phone and meeting all the different people"

Meet the lovely Margaret, a volunteer for Waterways Experiences.

What prompted you to join Waterways ...
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“I want to help the local community”

Leecliffe Big Local is a resident led charity funded by the National Lottery and Local Trust, and has been ...
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"I find that being there at callers worst time is very rewarding and I have learned so much"

Meet Christine, a volunteer call-taker with Family Lives. Christine lives in Radlett and works as a Lecturer ...
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"It gives such a wonderful sense of satisfaction, and you really do feel you've made a difference to their lives"

Meet Helen, Volunteer Trustee and Secretary at Young Careers Crew.

Young Carers Crew (YCC) is an ...
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"It's been really great, thank you so much for all you help"

We caught up with Ray, founder at Green Care at Norton - a wonderful social and therapeutic gardening project ...
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"I felt I was not doing enough, and it was about time to give back. I went from zero volunteering to three roles since May last year"

Meet Dave Gilpin, Volunteer at Citizens Advice Broxbourne.
Dave volunteers as an Adviser at the Monday ...
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"Take a step into the unknown, you will be so glad you did!"

Meet Jane, Volunteer at Link Up Club in Knebworth

Link Up Club has been going for 40 years and has been ...
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"To be able to help others in their situation helped me to move forward with my own"

Meet Roxie, a Volunteer for SADA Survivors Against Domestic Abuse. Roxie Volunteers at the Drop In Service and ...
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"I love doing events and engaging with the local community as you get to hear some great stories and meet fantastic people"

Meet Margaret Smith, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator at Age UK Herfordshire

Did your journey to ...
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"The sense of belonging to an organisation such as the National Trust is special. They support you and make you feel part of their team"

Meet Kim, a Volunteer at Wimpole Estate.

Please tell us more about yourself and your volunteering work ...
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Volunteering is a great way to help people feel involved with community action, but it is also beneficial for mental health too

Meet Phoebe Coles, Volunteering Coordinator at Guide Dogs (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex- including ...
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Mentoring with MCR Pathways changed Peters life for the good.

Following the pandemic and 25 years working at a senior level in global mobility, Peter's outlook on life ...
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“When I came to Sue Ryder my depression lifted almost immediately. Interacting with people there was such a big help.”

Meet Alex Longmore, resident at Sue Ryder Neurological Care Centre Stagenhoe

When Alex Longmore, 44, ...
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"Sue Ryder Stagenhoe was like our home, we were one big family"

Meet Rex, Volunteer at Sue Ryder Stagenhoe
Rex has pledged the same amount of time to Sue Ryder Stagenhoe ...
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"People don't realise they're actually helping me by asking for my help. Also, you never know what someone is dealing with in their life"

Meet Kai Zakaria, Staying Connected Coordinator for North Herts & Stevenage CVS & Volunteer at ...
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"We need you to help keep the helicopters flying!"

Meet Sue Akers who kindly volunteers for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

Please tell us a little ...
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"Since starting to work with us Jack has worked with Sam to build his social confidence and resulted in a trial shift for part time work"

Caudwell Youth mentors at-risk young people aged 11-24 years into new futures over a period of 2 years ...
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"Improving number skills can have a positive effect in many ways"

Meet Polly, one of the incredible team of volunteer Number Ninjas, located across the county of Hertfordshire ...
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"I have loved learning new skills and being part of a team. I have met and worked alongside some lovely people"

Meet Maria, she volunteers for the Waterways Experiences - who enable everyone, regardless of age, physical ...
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"It has helped to give me a sense of purpose, provided mental and physical rewards as well as teaching me valuable skills"

Who do you Volunteer for and what is your role?
Hi, my name is Sue and I volunteer for Stevenage & ...
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"It is a privilege to work with such a band of friendly, caring and interesting people"

This is Rosemary and she kindly volunteers for The Red Shed in Stevenage.
The Red Shed provides garden ...
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"I can’t recommend volunteering enough - make new friends and feel good!"

Julie Fewings volunteers with the Countryside Rights of Way team and also Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline ...
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"I hope that by volunteering...I will make a positive contribution to society."

Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire (CANH) is an independent local charity and a member of the national ...
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"Volunteering is such a large factor in improving wellbeing, it is a chance to meet new people...while helping the community."

Tina is a Trustee for North Herts and Stevenage CVS, we found out why she loves volunteering.

Tell us a ...
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"Volunteering has given me so much pleasure - it's added interest and challenge to my life."

Marian is an inspiring volunteer who volunteers for a range of organisations in lots of different ways ...
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"You can get a lot of satisfaction from helping other people and making a small difference to their lives."

Tell us a bit about yourself
Although past the state pension age I still work part-time in IT and I ...
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“It felt incredibly good to be helping the local community and spending our precious time doing something worthwhile outdoors.”

At the beginning of June, we celebrated Volunteers' Week and many organisations chose to mark the occasion ...
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"A positive contributor to mental wellbeing, with the satisfaction of being part of something that has a positive impact on others."

In May 2022, Jarvis Contracting held a company-wide event to help communities across Hertfordshire ...
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"I would recommend volunteering as it is so rewarding. You are part of a team and everyone is friendly."

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a primary school teacher who taught for twenty years and more recently ...
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