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I always go home feeling happy that I have made a difference and helped to brighten people’s day

Written by GoVol Herts
Jenny Burrows has shoulder length brown hair and wears glasses, she smiles at the camera for this photo

Jenny Burrows has volunteered at Isabel Hospice for five years. She first worked at the hospice helping the volunteer engagement team at head office, creating name badges for volunteers and supporting general office duties.

After lockdown she moved to the Isabel Hospice Living Well hub at Hall Grove and has been there ever since. Jenny currently supports the Art group, FAB group and Neurological group and operates the Reception desk at Living Well.

Jenny is also a compassionate neighbour, attending regular coffee mornings, connecting with different people and playing games over tea and plenty of cake!

Jenny answers some questions about her volunteering journey:

Why did you decide to start volunteering?

After recovering from a long illness I needed to regain my confidence and a friend recommended applying to Isabel Hospice as a volunteer. I had a bit of experience working in a care home as an activity assistant before this and was looking for a new challenge.


How often do you volunteer for Isabel Hospice?

This varies throughout the year. Currently, I help out on Tuesdays (compassionate neighbours), Wednesdays (FAB group) and once a month on a Thursday ( Neuro Group).

How has volunteering changed you?

I feel like I have gained more experience meeting and talking to different people and this has helped me become more confident as a person.

What is the best thing about volunteering?

I always go home feeling happy that I have made a difference and helped to brighten people’s day with my companionship.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

Go for it, meet new people, learn more skills and make new friendships. It also gives you the chance to make a difference to other people’s lives as well as your own.

Finally, would you recommend volunteering to others?

Yes I certainly would. Volunteering can be hard at times but also very beneficial. When you are volunteering you get to meet a variety of different people, both young and old. The staff at Isabel Hospice are always there if I need anything and it’s a pleasure being part of a wonderful team and I would not want to volunteer anywhere else.

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