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If your organisation is looking for volunteers in Hertfordshire to assist in the delivery of your service, GoVolHerts is the perfect resource.


GoVolHerts is a free countywide site your organisation can use to easily recruit, manage and communicate with your volunteers.

To get started with volunteer recruitment, select the 'Create organisation' button below.

Please take a moment to read our the help centre guide on creating an opportunity HERE before you upload any roles.

Please note that your organisation MUST WAIT TO BE APPROVED before you can start adding opportunities.

Representatives from various Hertfordshire voluntary organisations gathered in Watford town centre and a volunteer fair.

Over 300 Hertfordshire organisations have joined GoVolHerts already!

Getting the most out of GoVolHerts

Find a variety of volunteers

Whether you are looking for that one expert, or dozens of volunteers to make your event a success. Our advanced filters ensure that your opportunity ends up with the right volunteers.

Need specific information from volunteers?

Do you need certain information from volunteers to determine if they are suitable for your organisation? Create your own registration form and find the perfect match.

Get sharing!

Sharing is caring. With the click of a button, everyone in your network can share your vacancy on social media and invite friends to join.

Build a community

Invite your permanent volunteers to join your organisation page. If you find a new volunteer, you can also add them as a member. This way you build a close community of involved volunteers!

Keep your volunteers informed

Easily send updates to your volunteers with news about your organisation via a built-in email tool.

Give volunteers more control

You can give trusted volunteers the opportunity to post vacancies on behalf of your organisation and organise events. That's how you get more done!

Now you've recruited...

We know that volunteering is more than recruiting volunteers.

If your organisation would like to discuss other support, to help look after and get the best out of your volunteers, our friendly team would love to help.

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