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Ali Crook - Caudwell Youth Volunteer

Written by GoVol Herts
Ali Crook serves up pizza for Caudwell Youth

Ali Crook is a Volunteer Mentor for Caudwell Youth, and she took some time to answer some questions about what inspires her to support them.

What prompted you to become a Volunteer Mentor?

My plan, when I was able to reduce my regular workload, was to put something together to persuade large corporations to provide some sort guaranteed training apprentice for 3 years to care leavers and to contribute to purpose built care leaver flats in which to reside whilst they were under apprenticeship, with support , afterwards, to move forwards.

This young person volunteering, I thought would give me better insights into the issues surrounding care leavers and the support that is necessary. It is doing just this.


How often do you volunteer for Caudwell Youth?

Every week I meet with my allocated mentee face to face, with additional contact via messaging in between.


How has volunteering changed you?

Volunteering has provided better insights into the challenges that young people face leaving the care system and has demonstrated the inadequacies of the state support that on the face of it, should work, but because of the way it is set up, and lack of funding, fails to deliver. 

Accepting that small wins are OK and a step in the right direction.


What is the best thing about volunteering?

It is a great way to “give something back” to society.

Seeing small improvements and someone developing more independence.

Meeting new people with different experiences.


What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

If you have an interest in supporting young people and can devote some time, just do it!


Finally, would you recommend volunteering to others?

Definitely – everyone should do something in life to “give something back” to society.

You can find out more about volunteering for Caudwell Youth, but visiting their profile on GoVolHerts

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