Get Work Ready with ELSA Next Generation at The Academy of Central Bedfordshire

Get Work Ready with ELSA Next Generation at The Academy of Central Bedfordshire

One-off role (set time/location) · 2–4 hrs · by 11 Feb 2025
LU5 5PX, Dunstable, Central Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
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Volunteers support young people who are currently excluded from mainstream schools, through career-focused workshops/mock interviews during this morning event.

Detailed description

Get Work Ready day with Key Stage 4 students (ages 15-16, years 10-11) at The Academy of Central Bedfordshire.

Assist with simple recruitment activities and share personal experiences. Ideal for those seeking a unique school experience. Engage in small-group career-focused activities and discussions, with activities lasting 20-30 mins. Students may be initially hesitant but gradually become engaged. ELSA workshops promote networking, skill awareness, interactive tasks, mock interviews, and aspiration elevation. The day is supportive, with staff guidance.

Volunteer involvement is vital. Your impact is immense, inspiring and preparing students for the workforce. We are supported by community and business volunteers for these Get Work Ready events.

We will have a Zoom call prior to the day to talk through what to expect on the day.

Getting there

Applications closing in 7 months.
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About ELSA Next Generation

ELSA Next Generation is a Community Interest Company that delivers bespoke educational programmes to young people nationwide.
At ELSA we feel that everyone should have the chance to achieve.
ELSA places greater emphasis on social skills, life skills and empowering young people to realise their potential.
ELSA works with all young people both in mainstream and specialist education, delivering workshops which encourage debate, discussion, honesty and aspirational pathways, all aimed to increase self-esteem and self-worth.
ELSA Next Generation works across all educational settings raising aspirations in children’s homes and with care leavers, with young people who are excluded from school, those with physical and neurological disabilities, those young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and others in mainstream schools who may simply be 'currently' getting lost in the ether.