"Explore More" day with ELSA Next Gen and students known to a social worker

"Explore More" day with ELSA Next Gen and students known to a social worker

One-off role (set time/location) · 4–8 hrs · by 31 Jan 2025
Essendon Golf Club, Hatfield, England AL9 6HN, United Kingdom
EducationChildren & youthWellbeing
Applications closing in 6 months.
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ELSA Next Generation
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Volunteers support young people who are known to the care system, through career-focused workshops/mock interviews during this morning event.

Detailed description

We partner up with our professional partners Hertfordshire Virtual School for this event, the organisation who looks after care-experienced young people, held at Essendon Country Club.

Volunteers can attend as a workshop facilitator or student support on the day, assisting in the delivery of recruitment activities and telling the students about their career.

It will suit someone who may like a bit of a difference to mainstream schools.

It is a day where we work with small groups and play career-targeted games, discuss careers and workplaces needs and expectations. Activities last approx. 30 mins. 

Some young people engage, others may find this less easy.

For this event we are working with approx. 60 students from Year 11 who attend mainstream schools locally, all identified as known to a social worker.

Students will each pass through a carousel of workshops, which will be “fluid” to suit the needs of the young people.

The students sometimes feel overwhelmed and as such, the morning will be delivered in a supportive, encouraging way with full staff support.

Although, a timetable will be created to support the day, volunteers will need to be prepared to simply “get stuck in” and perhaps “go with the flow a little”. 

The workshops will allow the young people to network appropriately with people from the workplace. They will begin to understand the skills and qualities that today’s employers are looking for and be tasked with several interactive workshops. An uplifting day!

Getting there

Applications closing in 6 months.
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About ELSA Next Generation

ELSA Next Generation is a Community Interest Company that delivers bespoke educational programmes to young people nationwide.
At ELSA we feel that everyone should have the chance to achieve.
ELSA places greater emphasis on social skills, life skills and empowering young people to realise their potential.
ELSA works with all young people both in mainstream and specialist education, delivering workshops which encourage debate, discussion, honesty and aspirational pathways, all aimed to increase self-esteem and self-worth.
ELSA Next Generation works across all educational settings raising aspirations in children’s homes and with care leavers, with young people who are excluded from school, those with physical and neurological disabilities, those young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and others in mainstream schools who may simply be 'currently' getting lost in the ether.