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“I want to help the local community”

Written by GoVol Herts

Leecliffe Big Local is a resident led charity funded by the National Lottery and Local Trust, and has been making Borehamwood a better place to live since 2010.


They have many projects mainly working in partnerships with other organisations, churches, schools, youth clubs etc.

One of their projects is Chatter Tables. It is a safe place for local residents to meet, have a cuppa and a chat. Many residents may feel lonely and isolated especially since Covid and Chatter Tables has been established to tackle exactly that!

Chatter Tables is located at St Michael and All Saints Church in Brook Road, every Monday between 12pm and 3pm. Two wonderful volunteers ensure that the place is set up on time to welcome the attendees and making them welcome!

One of our volunteers is Francis.

Francis also known as Frank or “the man with the bright flowery shirts” has been volunteering since December 2022, after retiring from his heating engineering job in June that year.  After sorting things at home he started to get bored as he likes to keep himself busy. He likes things to be organised and tidy. Francis loves talking to people and considers himself as a “people’s person” so no wonder why Chatter Tables appealed to him! He says: “I want to help the local community”. Francis comes every Monday to set up, makes cups of hot drinks, putting biscuits out and chatting to people. He works very well with the other volunteer Sandra and together they make the best team ever.


If anyone would like to volunteer for Chatter Tables or other projects such as gardening in schools or working with young people, please contact [email protected] or 07525236408 or checkout the live volunteering opportunities here

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