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"I have loved learning new skills and being part of a team. I have met and worked alongside some lovely people"

Written by GoVol Herts

Meet Maria, she volunteers for the Waterways Experiences - who enable everyone, regardless of age, physical ability or social disadvantage to experience the fun and the beauty of our waterways.

What prompted you to join Waterways Experiences?

I went on a day trip and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learning how to operate the locks and steer the boat. The crew were friendly and informative and thought it was a wonderful way to give back to the community as well as meet some amazing people. I worked shifts so was looking to do something worthwhile with my free time. The bonus being its outdoors, (not so good when its pouring down with rain, but the hot tea more than makes up for the British weather) and seeing the changes to the canal throughout the seasons. Loved the relaxed pace of meandering up or down the canal.

What role(s) do you have in WExp?

I'm part of the Marketing team, Enable team and also do some crewing

What do you enjoy most about being with Waterways Experiences?

Being with waterways has been a breath of fresh air, seeing the time and effort put in by the volunteers is inspiring. I have met and worked alongside some lovely people. My only experience of steering a boat was a brief trip on the Norfolk Broads not my best endeavour, but with the guidance and patience of the more experienced crew members my confidence is gradually increasing. I have loved learning new skills and being part of a team. Its also given me the confidence to own a small river cruiser.

What do you say to your friends about volunteer for Waterways Experiences?

My friends think its a brilliant idea and such a worthy cause. and living so close to the canal its an obvious choice.

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