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Everyone needs other people, but not everyone has someone

Written by GoVol Herts
Group of Befriending volunteers for Age UK

Almost 4 million people in the UK experience chronic loneliness, which can lead to other mental health issues and isolation and this can get worse with older age.

There are organisations across the county looking for volunteer befrienders who can visit people in their own homes, or at social clubs, and provide effective support for children and young people, families, people with mental ill-health, those with learning disabilities, and older people. Befriending can also help reduce the burden on statutory services which people may mistakenly use as they seek social contact.

Befriending offers a supportive, reliable relationship by connecting a volunteer befriender to socially isolated individuals. So, if you're a good listener, you're reliable and you love a natter over a cuppa, why not spend a few hours a week helping older people feel less alone?

If this is you, befriending could provide you with friendship, access to a range of different activities, increased self-confidence and even a new direction in life! Age UK Hertfordshire are seeking befrienders in Stevenage, Letchworth and surrounding areas. Apply now and you will be matched with an older person, providing friendship and sharing news, views and interests. As a Visiting Scheme Befriender - you will regularly visit an older person in their own home, perhaps for a cup of tea and a chat.

See befriender opportunities with Age UK Hertfordshire

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