The volunteer pool

What is it and how does it work?

1. Create your profile

To be a member of the volunteer pool you need an account.

2. Share your preferences

Share something about yourself and let others know what you're looking for.

3. Get approached

You can of course also look for a suitable activity yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I also see a checkbox for the crisis pool, what is that?

In times of crisis, there is often a special role for us as a volunteer center. The crisis pool is a list of people we can approach in times of need. This way we can all respond quickly when it is needed.

Can I unsubscribe again?

Of course. On your profile page you can indicate with one click of your mouse whether you want to be part of the volunteer and crisis pool or not.

Can anyone just reach out to me?

No, you can only be approached by organizations that are members of our platform (all organizations are screened by us). In addition, the number of times you can be contacted is limited to 5 open 'reachouts'. This is to prevent you from being flooded with requests.

I am not being approached, what now?

You can try to adjust your profile text or your preferences. You can also look for a suitable activity yourself or approach organizations proactively by taking a look here. Still need help, contact us!