Aircraft Restoration Team Leader

Aircraft Restoration Team Leader

Long term role · 3–7 hrs/Week
Salisbury Hall, Shenley, St Albans AL2 1BU, UK
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de Havilland Aircraft Museum
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We are looking for experienced aircraft restorers to lead a team of volunteers in preserving/restoring our de Havilland aircraft.

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If you have a minimum of three years' experience in restoring aircraft, we would be interested in talking to you.

You would lead a team of Museum volunteers in the preservation/restoration of any number of our aircraft. The team would consist of volunteers whose experience covers a broad range, from "I've done this before" to those with just a basic knowledge but lots of enthusiasm.

Some of our aircraft are primarily wood construction, others are primarily metal, and several are a composite of the two.

Dismantling, stripping, cleaning, painting, and fabrication are but a few of the skills you should process.

We look forward to hearing from you so you can meet our other restoration team leaders to further explore the opportunities we offer at the Museum.

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About de Havilland Aircraft Museum

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum’s mission is to preserve and communicate the de Havilland Heritage to ensure that current and future generations of all ages will understand de Havilland’s contribution to innovative British Aviation technology.

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum’s volunteers are dedicated to restoring de Havilland aircraft and artefacts. The new Sir Geoffrey de Havilland Hangar has provided additional facilities that has enabled more of our aircraft to be under cover and ensure that the restoration process can continue in all weathers as well as providing our visitors with the opportunity to enjoy practical and informative learning opportunities.