Volunteer Driver

Volunteer Driver

Long term role · 2–6 hrs/Week
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
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North Herts & Stevenage Community Transport Service
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Do you like driving? Do you like helping people? Could you be a Volunteer Driver for the North Herts & Stevenage Community Transport service?

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The North Herts & Stevenage Community Transport service helps less able residents of North Herts & Stevenage solve their transport problems. The scheme uses a dedicated team of volunteers who all use their own cars to transport passengers to healthcare appointments at hospitals, clinics and surgeries, in addition to dental appointments, day centres and exercise / therapy classes etc. The scheme is aimed at individuals who are unable to use other passenger transport due to age, frailty, impaired mobility, disabilities and special needs. It may also be due to no alternative transport being available.

The Volunteer Driver role is very flexible, and you give the time that you want to give each week. This could be a couple of mornings a week, a day a week, or more! You will meet new people and it's a great social role, and one where you really are providing a vital service. There is a mileage rate of 45p per mile which is paid to the Volunteer Driver on the day, with a minimum charge of £5.

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About North Herts & Stevenage Community Transport Service

The North Herts & Stevenage Community Transport service helps to solve transport problems for residents across North Herts & Stevenage. The service uses a dedicated team of volunteers who all use their own cars in their free time to transport local people to their required destination. The Volunteer Drivers are paid a mileage rate to cover the distance they travel which is currently paid at 45p per mile.

Managed by North Herts & Stevenage CVS, the service is aimed at individuals, both elderly and young who have difficulty using other passenger transport. This may be because of age, frailty, a disability or other mobility problems - or simply because there is no alternative form of passenger transport available. The service can take residents to a range of health and medical appointments at hospitals, to vaccinations, doctors and also to day centres and clubs..