Move Yourself to Better Health - Library project

Move Yourself to Better Health - Library project

Short term role · 1–2 hrs/month · For around 4 months
Broadway, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3PF, UK
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Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire
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Help local older adults with 'Move Yourself to Better Health', in partnership with Herts Libraries and MolyFit. Using a guide to support the group.

Detailed description

Libraries are a central hub of the community and John Molyneux, director of MolyFit has created a community-based programme for better health.

Using his book move yourself to better health as a guide, the group (John Molyneux, the volunteer and participants) will learn how to improve their health and mobility using functional techniques.

This session runs on the second Wednesday of each month in the Letchworth Library 10-12. We are looking for a volunteer to attend the group and help encourage participation.

This programme will grow to other libraries in Hertfordshire - get in touch if you'd like to support elsewhere.

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About Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire

Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire is a movement enabling older adults to live longer, healthier and happier lives in Hertfordshire. We provide opportunities for citizens, volunteers and professionals in Hertfordshire to discover how to live longer better which includes becoming a Champion (to learn about it) and taking part in/volunteering at activity's such as Strength and balance classes