Crossroads Community Breakaway Volunteer Hertford

Crossroads Community Breakaway Volunteer Hertford

Long term role · Flexible hours
Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
BefriendingCare workSocial contact
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We are looking for kind, approachable people to give some of their time to a lovely family to help a carer have a break at home and spend time with a loved one

Detailed description

We are looking to support carers who help and loved one live at home by giving them a break.

We would really like your support in spending time with someone with care needs to help some lovely families near you.

This would be someone who is still independent but needs some support to be at home.

You may include;

•          Spending time with, chatting to and befriending someone at home

•          Playing games- Card/board or otherwise.

•          engaging with someones hobbies.

•          offering drinks and snacks if needed

You would not be supporting anyone with going to the bathroom or medication or moving somebody.

This would be local to you and you can give as much or as little time as you want and are free to stop any time with some notice so we can continue supporting the family.

What are you looking for

We are looking for kind hearted people who would be happy to spend time with someone who need a bit of support.

If you are able to spend even 2 hours a fortnight it would be well received.

You do not need experience and we are happy to support as long as you are willing.

We will provide training and support and always have someone to contact.

This can work well if you want to get some experience in care or want to give something back to your local community.

The break you will give a carer will be such a help to them and there is a real sense of pride and achievement in doing something wonderful

Practical considerations

We look to pair people with someone close to them but being able to drive is helpful although not 100% necessary.

You will have all travel expenses reimbursed and have access to one to one and phone support.

While you are able to stop at any time we would like to have a few weeks notice if possible so we can continue to support the clients.

What volunteers need😇 Disclosure and Barring Service

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

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About Crossroads Caring for life

Crossroads supports Carers and people living with care needs at home and in their local community. We are incredibly passionate in supporting people to live well at home and have a good quality of life