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"Improving number skills can have a positive effect in many ways"

Written by GoVol Herts

Meet Polly, one of the incredible team of volunteer Number Ninjas, located across the county of Hertfordshire and ready to support residents in improving their number skills! (Polly is on the right of this photo, pictured with a Hertfordshire resident, Abbi).

Improving number skills can have a positive effect in many ways; from being able to better support children during their education, to improving the finances and financial prospects of a household through better money decisions. Likewise, at work, with improved numeracy, productivity and profits increase for a business which has an effect on the wider economy, so there’s lots of good reasoning behind this drive to make us love numbers!

The Government is dedicating a large amount of money to this cause and that’s why the Multiply programme has been established. Funding is being allocated to various councils and Step2Skills is heading up the Multiply programme in Hertfordshire.

With this level of funding, we couldn’t do it alone and we are partnering with a number of organisations across the county to deliver Multiply-funded workshops/courses and support local residents with number skills. Number Ninja Polly is currently located at Create Community Network in Letchworth.

The Number Ninjas are a vital part of the Multiply journey as they are the first point of contact with someone and can find out more about how someone could use the help of Step2Skills with their number skills. Thank you Polly and the Number Ninja team!


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