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"You can get a lot of satisfaction from helping other people and making a small difference to their lives."

Tell us a bit about yourself

Although past the state pension age I still work part-time in IT and I volunteer at Countryside Management Service (CMS).


What do you do within your volunteering role?

I help people access the countryside in a number of ways. This could be by clearing rights of way, installing kissing gates and building boardwalks. I also encourage biodiversity by, among others, clearing scrub, opening up areas of woodland, coppicing and tree planting.


How long have you been a volunteer?  

12 years


Why did you decide to start volunteering?  

Changes in my desk-based job meant I had some spare time and I was looking for an outside role which would involve physical exercise, doing something useful for the community and have a social aspect.


Why would you recommend volunteering to others?  

You can get a lot of satisfaction from helping other people and making a small difference to their lives at no cost to themselves. It’s also good for your physical and mental health.

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